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The Results Are In

Ok, I am sure you are tired of me saying how much we practice People. Done Right, well it’s nice when our clients and contractors do it for us.  Recently, we completed a survey through Inavero and scored a client satisfaction of 63.8% and a consultant satisfaction of 76.2%.  Now you’re saying whoa whoa whoa when I was in school that’s a D and a C what’s to brag about?!  Fortunately for us we’re not in school anymore and our comparison is against the industry average.

So for comparisons sake one of our awesome admins made us some cool charts.  Our consultants gave us a 76.2% versus an industry average of 53% which comes out to 1.4 times the industry average.  Our clients gave us a 63.8% versus the industry average of 35% which equals 1.8 times the industry average.

results-are-in-1 results-are-in-2

While we are not perfect we continue to strive for excellence.   Some responders mentioned a few areas of us to work on and we are on it!  We love it when we get feedback and we use those comments to continually improve our services.  People. Done Right isn’t something we just preach it’s something we try to implement on a daily basis.  I’ll leave you with some comments we received from the survey.

Preston Butler whom I deal with on the recruiting is an absolute professional and dependable person. He goes above and beyond especially in times of our urgent request. He is very thorough and sends us nothing but stellar candidates. I do recommend him with CSI constantly. At this point there is nothing more you can do. I have dealt with a lot of recruiting firms in my HR career and Preston Butler & CSI are exceptional!

My contact at CSI – Kelly Ranney – worked very closely with me and did a good job of understanding what/who we were looking for to fill our roles. This was from both a company culture and development skill perspective. After months of struggling to fill my 2 openings, Kelly was able to find a fit for both.
Everything electronically set up so the ease of reporting time cards as well as the direct deposit with the link to view stub. Very professional and Sarah Duffy is kind and you know she’s in your camp helping you if you need it.

CSI Tech goes out of their way to find the right fit for you. Also, they are a pleasure to work with. I worked with Christa from CSI. She was very professional and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. She seemed to really care about how my experience has been at my new place of employment.

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