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The Will to Win

In past blogs I have always spoken about how I view my coworkers as closer to family than just people I work with.  I’m lucky enough to work with one of my oldest and best friends David Routen.   Before he came to work with us he hadn’t done any technical recruiting.  After he interviewed with our boss Barry I was asked does David have the competitive spirit.  While outwardly he might not project it there is a fire burning deep in him to win.  I think that you have to have that desire to win and compete to ultimately be successful in recruiting and that’s why we have such a great team.

Whether it’s corn hole, submitting candidates, or foot races we want to win at everything.  Why foot races you ask? Dave and I were joking around one day about who was faster and of course neither of us would concede on the point so as you can see from the video we had to prove it.  As you can see even though Dave took a tumble it was clear he wasn’t catching me anyways.

My fiancé always chides me for taking the softball league I play in too seriously.  It’s just fun she says or we’re out here to have a good time.  Forget that I want to win.  It doesn’t help that out of our last 4 seasons we’ve lost in the championship 3 times.   Maybe our brains are wired differently, maybe I have a screw loose (quite possible), but more than likely it’s that personality trait that helps make me successful at work.  Every time a new job comes out with one of our clients it’s a race to win.

Now when I say win with our clients I want to define what I mean.  Ultimately the goal is to make sure that both our clients and potential consultants are a good fit for each other.  We want to uphold our mantra of People. Done Right.  We don’t cut corners, take short cuts, or approach that grey line of being unethical.   We’ve been steroid tested and we’re clean!  One great thing about CSI Tech is that we get the resources to have a competitive edge over our competition.

Between the internal will to win, the competition between recruiters, and the resources to have the competitive edge provided by CSI Tech we have an awesome team to work with.  I promise you there will be more crazy videos and wagers going on in the future and I will post them for your viewing pleasure.  We’re all committed to the same thing though and that’s People. Done Right.

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