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As I’m sitting her trying to right this blog sometimes it becomes difficult to write. Yes even this great writer of blogs is not at his best. Let’s examine the concept of being the best. What does that mean to you? To me it means that no one is better than you. You are the crème de la crème. (I threw that in there for my coworker and best friend Dave who spent a semester abroad in France).  For the rest of the blog I have this pumping through my speakers.

Now anyone can make the claim that they are the best. Heck drive through a city and you’ll see best pizza in town or best steakhouse in the region. Anyone can claim anything for example my mom is the best mom in the world. Is that something I believe without a shadow of doubt? Heck yes (Love you Mom)! How do you quantify who is the best though? Through sites like yelp or online reviews we can read reviews and see who has the best rating and that’s quantifiable. At this point you’re reading this thinking come on Phillip get to the point.

Well hear it is. At CSI Tech we strive to be the best and we think we are the best at what we do, but as I stated above just because you think something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. So how do we prove that we’re the best is the questions you’re asking? Every year we send our Inavero surveys where we ask our clients and our consultants how good of a job we are doing.  It’s a pretty simple survey with 3 questions: Rate us on a scale of 1-10 (with 9+ being a good score), what is the primary reason behind the rating you provided, and what is one thing we could be doing differently to increase the value of our services to you.  Both our clients and our consultants get separate surveys so while it’s possible to win best of staffing in one or the other we of course want to win BOTH.  If we score an average of 9 or more we get to call ourselves the Best of Staffing. Also we get this cool little icon on our e-mails that say Best of Staffing. Instead of a client asking why should we work with you or why are you better than ABC Staffing we just tell them we’re the best.

Now just because we’ve gotten it one year that doesn’t mean we can take a year off and rest on our laurels. No no no. In order to make sure we’re the best we have to make sure we live up to People. Done Right every day of the week. To all our consultants and clients be on the lookout for our surveys and we’d appreciate it if you could get them back to us. We want to be the best and if we’re not living up to that let us know please.

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