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CSI Tech: Now Entering a Mobile-Friendly Zone

With 2013 being a year of new beginnings for CSI Tech it seems only fitting that some of these firsts were made in the technology realm.  One of the more exciting technological advancements we accomplished as a division is the launch of the CSI Companies first mobile-friendly website

Here at the CSI Companies we are always looking for new and improved ways to make life a little bit easier and productive all at the same time.  Whether we like to admit it or not the world that we live in is becoming increasingly more reliant on technology.  Let’s face it, there is not a day that goes by where the average person does not check their Facebook, send an Email, or DVR their favorite show.  So it only makes sense to jump on the technology bandwagon and get with the times, thus the birth of CSI Tech’s mobile-friendly site.

CSI Tech’s mobile site is both smart phone and tablet friendly.  Hence, anyone who is a proud owner of either one of these devices can now access CSI Tech’s site without encountering the glitches that often come along with viewing full sites via mobile devices.

Everyone knows time is a very valuable component in this business so why not optimize it every chance we get! By utilizing our new mobile site, everyone can save both time and energy without sacrificing service.  Our mobile site not only provides its users with information about our company, but offers easy access to current job openings and also offers the ability to apply to said openings directly from one’s mobile device.

But wait, the mobile possibilities do not end there!  Have you ever felt like you were on a wild goose chase trying to find contact information for a specific company?  Well, with CSI Tech’s mobile site you will never have any issues trying to call, text or email us because our direct contact information is provided conveniently on the home screen.  Also, everyone knows nothing is official until it happens on Social Media, which is why we cover all of our bases and provide direct links to our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

While need to know information and Social Media updates are all very important, nothing is more important to us here at CSI Tech than making our consultants happy.  That is why on our new mobile site we have a whole portal dedicated to making our consultants lives easier! Our consultants can submit their timesheet and view paystubs without ever logging onto their computers via the Consultant Portal conveniently located on our mobile site.

Behind all these wonderful conveniences provided by our new mobile-friendly site are the masterminds that slaved away to make this all a reality.  So without further ado, CSI Tech would like to thank Dave Routen, Matt Greaves, Scott Dimmick, Keith Lechwar, and Brian Mills for all of the hard work and dedication it took to launch The CSI Companies very first Mobile-friendly site!  Without whom we would be leaps and bounds from achieving yet another step in perfecting what we here at The CSI Companies do best and that is People. Done Right.

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