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A Little Lagniappe Goes a Long Way

For The CSI Companies 2013 was not only a year filled to the brim with new beginnings, but also a year chalk full of accomplishments.

The CSI Companies recently held their annual Kickoff Meeting.  Once a year everyone that is a part of The CSI Companies comes together to recap the previous year and “Kickoff” the New Year.  At this year’s meeting the importance of hard work and camaraderie seemed to be the underlying tones that resonated throughout all facets of our meeting.

As an individual that enjoys writing I am always eager to add to my vocabulary.  That is why I was excited to learn a new word during this year’s meeting.  During our Kickoff Meeting The CSI Companies were introduced to the word lagniappe.  When broken down to its most simplistic terms lagniappe means going that extra mile and giving that little something extra.

People, whether it be a coworker or a client, respond to the addition of a little extra effort (lagniappe).  Lagniappe usually does not take a substantial amount of extra time, but makes a lasting impression.  It has the ability to show those individuals on the receiving end of the lagniappe that thought and consideration went into your work.  A little lagniappe goes a long way and sometimes it can be that extra nudge needed to close a deal.  So, in 2014 we should all try and implement a little lagniappe into our lives.

Another major focus surrounding our yearly meeting is the importance of teambuilding.  In our industry, where a sense of urgency goes hand in hand with the success of our company, sometimes the importance of teamwork falls by the wayside.  While the importance of progressing business is always something that is in the forefront of our minds it is easy to overlook the importance of solidarity within a team.  Here at The CSI Companies we all represent certain parts of a well-oiled machine and for our company to run at peak performance it is important that we maintain and build upon these team relationships.

Here at The CSI Companies we are always looking to better ourselves as a whole.  Improvement is never stagnant; there is always room for growth and advancement.  By working hard, throwing in a little lagniappe, and working together as a united front we can continue to perfect our motto of People. Done Right.

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