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Why Go with Us

We have awesome clients that need awesome people. As a company always looking to acquire people that are the right fit for our clients, we are always looking to find the best of the best. It’s about unique skill sets, cultural fits, a passion for technology, and ultimately the right people for the job.

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CSI Tech always provided great communication, before & after placement. Highly recommend!

Current Skills Needed

Did you know that Tech unemployment is only 3.5%! That means that we have plenty of great jobs, both public and confidential, where we need to find the “right people.”

If you do not see a job that matches your skill set or interest, don’t give up. Send us your resume and let’s see if we can work together!

Our local Account Managers and National Recruiters are dialed in and may know of upcoming opportunities. CSI Tech can help you pro-actively find a job and know that for our clients it is all about the Right People who always seek to review top talent. Do you have what it takes?