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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Work Balance

Life at times can be very stressful and a lot of people attribute that stress to work.  Let’s face it the economy is still uncertain, people are being asked to work longer hours, and the result is increased uncertainty and higher levels of stress.  A lot of times the way you perceive your work place… Continue Reading

The Results Are In

Ok, I am sure you are tired of me saying how much we practice People. Done Right, well it’s nice when our clients and contractors do it for us.  Recently, we completed a survey through Inavero and scored a client satisfaction of 63.8% and a consultant satisfaction of 76.2%.  Now you’re saying whoa whoa whoa… Continue Reading

Here we grow again

Many of you probably don’t know that in 2009 The CSI Companies was acquired by Recruit Ltd a Japanese company.  If you get a minute check out their website  After our acquisition we adopted Unit Management and restructured the company into three divisions CSI Tech, CSI Professional, and CSI Healthcare IT.  Since our acquisition… Continue Reading

Work hard. Play hard

Have you ever had a really stressful day where nothing seems to be going right and you just need to blow off some steam?  If you haven’t I’m jealous because I sure know I have!  What if I told you that when one of those days is going down all I have to do is… Continue Reading

A different perspective

I am an IT recruiter, and have been for nearly a year now. Before moving back to Tampa for this job, I worked in Dallas as a Career Advisor at a technical school and was tasked with helping students and graduates find jobs and begin their careers. This at first seemed as if it would… Continue Reading

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