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Moving On Up

I am really excited about our further expansion.  Since the acquisition of Anteo, we have continued to add staff and now we are relocating permanent resources to the Northeast.  We are so lucky to have Melissa Quiles relocating to New Jersey on July 1st.  Melissa is an eight year CSI veteran and is the perfect “face” of the Anteo Group in the Northeast.  We are making the investment to further walk our talk when it comes to People. Done Right.   For years, CSI Tech has followed the mantra of “fewer clients and deeper relationships”.  Given how important our core Northeast clients are, beginning our physical presence was an easy decision.

I am confident that this is just the beginning and we will quickly add more local talent.  I am so proud of our team.  We may be a small team, but we are highly efficient and that is how we get People. Done Right.  Our high levels of client and consultant satisfaction comes directly from the investment that we make in our People.  The more we understand our clients and their culture, technology stack, and their “secret sauce”, the more we can really focus on finding talent that is the Right fit.

As a write this I am chuckling to myself because over the last few weeks I have heard several stories from clients where our competitors have been super, and I mean super aggressive about telling the clients how to do business and expecting unrealistic terms.  It seems that the tighter the market is, the pickier the clients are… It sounds like a contradiction, but I see a reason for this challenge.  As the market tightens, I believe that Recruiters cannot find as many top notch candidates, so they send a lot of resumes and do the proverbial “Let’s see if something sticks”.  This makes the client even more cautious about the quality of resumes.

To some degree, we love this at CSI Tech /Anteo because it flies in the face of how we do business.  We pride ourselves on flexibility, speed, and quality!   These three facets of our delivery model truly define People. Done Right!

Mike Israel
CSI Tech/Anteo Unit Manager

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