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The Power of Happy Feet

You are probably intrigued by the “Happy Feet” title and are wondering what in the world this blog is about. No, it is not about penguins, dancing, or anything crazy like that.  It is about the difference of taking performance from the level of good to great.  Why I relate this to penguins, I have… Continue Reading

Moving On Up

I am really excited about our further expansion.  Since the acquisition of Anteo, we have continued to add staff and now we are relocating permanent resources to the Northeast.  We are so lucky to have Melissa Quiles relocating to New Jersey on July 1st.  Melissa is an eight year CSI veteran and is the perfect… Continue Reading

Setting Expectations: How High is too High?

When it comes to setting expectations, how high is too high? This is an age old question that constantly challenges managers and leaders alike. When it comes to setting expectations, there is a method to the madness and you should, in fact, have a process to do so. There are several basic building blocks to… Continue Reading

Building a Dream Team, One Hire at a Time

Click here to see the original article by Gauri Sharma, CEO of Lab42: How to Grow a Small Team: Nine Hiring Best Practices This topic is one that is constantly on my mind.  Most of us who are responsible for hiring seem to be building multiple small teams that must interface both directly and indirectly… Continue Reading

Food For Thought Having been in the Recruiting Industry for the last 15 years, it is fascinating how this problem still exists. I have noticed it is particularly challenging when a client of ours is creating a new position. The process usually goes something like this… A hiring manager puts together their list of requirements and then… Continue Reading


Sorry for the delay in my latest blog, but I bring you the Thanksgiving special. Sometimes blogs come easy to me and I have a thought and the words flow, but I’m struggling tonight. I’m very appreciative that the boss man gives me the freedom to not only write about how I feel about things… Continue Reading

The Best

As I’m sitting her trying to right this blog sometimes it becomes difficult to write. Yes even this great writer of blogs is not at his best. Let’s examine the concept of being the best. What does that mean to you? To me it means that no one is better than you. You are the… Continue Reading

The Will to Win

In past blogs I have always spoken about how I view my coworkers as closer to family than just people I work with.  I’m lucky enough to work with one of my oldest and best friends David Routen.   Before he came to work with us he hadn’t done any technical recruiting.  After he interviewed with… Continue Reading

Welcome to the Family Anteo

I always refer to the people I work with as my family because let’s face it we spend a lot of time together.  For the most part we act like a family also.  We fight, we laugh, and we have a good time just like I do with my real family.  The culture of CSI… Continue Reading

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