Many Options. One Solution: Yours.

CSI Tech understands that our clients’ needs vary widely according to the structure of their IT organizations, their current needs, and their long-term strategies. We offer a full range of hiring options and will work with you to develop a customized, flexible strategy that will best help you achieve your goals.

Contract-To-Hire — We put your new employee on our payroll and bill you for hours worked. You see how things work out and decide if you want to keep the employee. If the employee leaves for any reason, we’ll get you a new one, without restarting the clock.

Short- or Long-Term Contract — We provide you with a contract employee to augment your staff for projects, special situations or business surges, or to fill in temporarily for an employee on vacation, leave or another away for other reasons.

Executive Search — We actively recruit passive job seekers nationwide, so we can provide you with the perfect fit the first time.

Training and Development — We provide your in-house IT staff with training from a Certified ScrumMaster® who can elevate your team’s efficiency and performance through industry best practice for managing complex projects.

Contact us today to learn what is the best fit for your current employment needs.

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