What Makes Us Different. And Better.

We might be part of one of the world’s largest staffing companies, but the only thing that feels big about CSI Tech is our commitment to client satisfaction. We refuse to cut corners in finding the perfect client-consultant match.

CSI provided a few different contractor options that met all of the skill sets that I required. I ended up hiring the contractor full time after 8 months. Also, our CSI relationship manager is outstanding.

The foundation of our approach is the extraordinary effort we put into learning your operation, understanding your priorities, and delivering qualified candidates who we’re confident can exceed your expectations. And we do the same for our consultants. We know from experience that the best guarantee of a satisfied client is a satisfied consultant, so we’re extremely careful in placing consultants into situations they are fully prepared to handle.

We know our markets, we know our people, and we know how to make the two work together.

Some of the core reasons why top companies continue to rely on CSI Tech for their IT staffing needs:

  • Highly Skilled Pre-Screened Candidates – CSI Tech’s vetting process ensures that each candidate presented to you has been thoroughly interviewed and analyzed to determine best fit.
  • Subject Matter Expertise – Our sales team and recruiters have multiple years of expertise so they know what to look for.  This understanding of complex IT verticals allow them to build ongoing relationships with active and passive candidates who may be a perfect fit for a future job opportunity.
  • Comprehensive and Thorough Onboarding – once you make a decision on a candidate, you don’t want any surprises.  CSI Tech has a streamlined process for onboarding that enables resources to begin assignments when needed.

So far they’ve brought quality resources to us that meet our needs almost exactly. The recruiters at CSI have been top notch.

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